Lauderdale Mansions South

Company Accounts & Governance

Company Accounts including Service Charge Accounts

The company accounts are prepared and audited on an annual basis. The financial year runs from 1st October to 28th September. An Annual General Meeting to which all shareholders are invited is held each year to receive the audited accounts. The accounts are available on request from the Company Secretary.

Memorandum and Articles of Association

The Memorandum and Article of Association contain the constitution of the company, including the procedure for appointing directors and meetings. All flat owners own one share in the company and are eligible to stand for election.

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Directors and Elections

Up to seven directors are elected by the flat owners.The directors act in a voluntary capacity and retire after three years and must stand for re-election if they wish to continue. The election is by postal ballot prior to the relevant Annual General Meeting.

Minutes of AGM and EGM

A copy of the minutes of any Annual General Meeting and Extraordinary General Meeting may be requested from the Executive Administrator.

Board Meetings

Board Meetings are generally held on the third Wednesday of each month. The open session of the meeting can be attended by flat owners as observers in accordance with Articles of Association. A copy of the minutes of the open session may be requested from the Executive Administrator.